Ownice and vincinity

Our holiday camp is situated in the centre of the small, quiet village Ownice, approximately 3 km from the domestic way No. 22 Gorzów – Kostrzyn and only 20 km away from German border.

Ownice Ownice is a small village situated at the territory of Słońsk Community, Lubuskie Voivodship. The neibourhood is reach in the woods which are full of mushrooms and wild animals. There are located 2 lakes in the vicinity of Ownice. “Small Lake” located 1,5km away from Ownice and “Radachowskie Lake” within a distance of 2,5 km. The river “Lenka” flows through the village, and the river changes into a waterfall and flood plains only few hundred meters away from “Kniejowka”.

Kościół w Ownicach Ownice is clean and tidy village. There are playground, football field and some other places where people can make picnic. One of these places is next to the waterfall. In Ownice you can visit historic neo-Gothic church built of red bricks. Every Sunday the Holly Mass is conducted.

Ownice One of the most surrounding attractions for people who like observing the nature is Nature Reserve “Warta’s Mouth” located several kilometres from Ownice. Except for beautiful views, holiday-makers can see rare species of waterfowl.

The neighbourhood of the Nature Reserve „Warta’s Mouth” gives unusual opportunity to go on foot or ride on the bicycles with the binoculars in the palm and spy the life of the waterfowls as well as see horses and cattle pasturing on the bogs. Going with the bird’s trail – depending on the season – tourists can observe swan, black-tailed godwit, cormorant, geese and to many other species of the fowls.

Nearby Słońsk lovers of historical monuments can see the church and ruins of the castle built by order of Hospitaller. In addition, the list of visited objects can include the Museum of the Martyrdom of the victims of Sonnenburg Camp – the first concentration camp on the III Reich grounds.